Birmingham Carers Meet Jeremy Corbyn

On Tuesday 18 April, the very day the 2017 election was announced, Jeremy Corbyn kept his appointment with Birmingham Carers Hub and popped in to BVSC – Birmingham Voluntary Service Council – to listen to over 60 of our carers.

Amidst a flurry of press activity, Jeremy announced his policy to increase the Carers Allowance by £10 per week in recognition of the ‘unsung heroes’ all over the UK that care for friends and loved ones.

Mr Corbyn then spent an hour talking one-on-one with carers from across Birmingham, asking questions about their experiences and the challenges that make their role harder. He listened intently as people told him about the privilege they feel to care for a loved one and the frustrations they come across in the community and as a result of policies that don’t recognise their needs.

Mr Corbyn’s visit with Birmingham Carers was reported by many media outlets, from the BBC to The Birmingham Mail 

Whatever the outcome of the election, we hope that the hard work and invaluable efforts of carers will be recognised and rewarded in the future.